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The following individuals have been memorialized or honored by a contribution being made to one of the permanent endowment funds within the Community Foundation. When an individual is memorialized/honored, the family is advised of the gift and their name is added to our in memory/in honor lists. If you would like your in memory/in honor gift to last forever, please click the donate now button below.



In Memory

Irene Anderson
Bill Andrews
Patrick Barber
James Bayley
Homer Beall
Gordon Bennett
Jeannette Bower
Christian Burns
Jeanne Compton
Mary Margaret Coote
Helen Crane
Nadya Crecelius
David J. Crouse
Samuel C. Curtis
Shirley B. Curtis
Robert F. Dale
Kim Dimmick
Rita Easterwood
Douglas W. Eberle
Linda Fain
William Fife
Margaret Frederickson
LaNelle Geddes
Arthur Geyer
James Grubb
Michael Hannah
Lloyd Holiday
Robery & Dorothy Hughes
Robert and Carrie Johnson
R. B. Kane
Charles E. Kerber
Elizabeth Lah
Junior Lawson
Robert Leavitt
Iris Lindell
Lois Lindquist
Mary Ann McCarthy
Judith Lynn McEwen
Jerome and Shirley McTague
Frances Meeks
Mary Lois Miller
Dick Nagel
Richard O'Bryan
Thomas M. Price
Betty Revington
Ed Rohler
Howard and Barbara Rollock
Annabelle Root
Don Ross
Barbara Schilling
Donna Segrist
Keith Shaw
Edger L. Simmons
Robert Smith, Jr
Aaron Spalding
Sharon Stavnheim
Jerome Stefaniak
Blair Stockdale
Lisa Strueh
Russell Teeter
Betty Traynor
Katie Traynor
Robert Traynor
August Vavrus
Joe Verocco
Elmer Vonderheide
Lee Weedon
Marilyn Whitsel
Conley and Betty Vaughn
Matt Zika


In Honor

Sam Biederstedt
Linda Bowman and Glenn Tompkins
Roger Carnes
Sue Carr
Braden Julian
Ken and Peter Marra
John and Marjorie Martin
Betty Nelson
Josette Rolley
Betty Rowe
Sally Segrist
Linda Sorensen
Pattie Wollenburg
Tony Zamora
Steve Zelaznik
2015-2016 Art League Board of Directors


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