AgrIInstitute Endowment

AgrIInstitute is a leadership development and people-capacity building organization that facilitates a robust network of agricultural and rural learners. More than 350 students from around the State of Indiana have completed the agricultural leadership program established in 1982. Over a two year period, people who are in or associated with the agricultural industry attend seminars increasing their knowledge about social, economic, political, trade and cultural issues that impact agriculture. The endowment helps to support the ongoing program of creating strong, well-versed leaders working in agriculture.


Alpha Endowment

The Alpha Fund was established by Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wheeler as an advised endowment fund. Grants from this fund have supported not for profit, human service organizations. The donors are especially interested in helping organizations with new initiatives that make a difference and whose leaders “stretch a dollar like a rubber band.”




Elizabeth Patout Alting Endowment

Indiana State Senator Ronnie Alting and his children, PVT Ronnie Alting, Jr., and Ashley, established an advised endowment fund to honor their mother Liz Patout Alting, who died of cancer in 2003. Senator Ron Alting, said, “I’ve taught our children to be givers and not takers. This is a wonderful way for them to honor their mother and also to help their community. I hope that other families will follow this example.”




Janet St. John Amy Fund for Lafayette Symphony Orchestra Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. C. Virgil St. John created this endowment, which endows the first trumpet chair of the Lafayette Symphony Orchestra, in honor of their daughter Janet St. John Amy.




Art Museum of Greater Lafayette Endowment

For over a century, the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette has celebrated the power of art by inspiring, challenging, and instructing the community through its collections, exhibitions, and programs. The endowment was established in 1992 to support the ongoing operations of the Museum.




Art Museum of Greater Lafayette Art League Endowment

The Art League supports educational and fund raising activities, exhibitions, acquisitions and programs of the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette. The Art League provides members with the opportunity for individual, creative, and artistic experiences, and fosters art and artists in the community. Art League


Art Museum of Greater Lafayette Education Endowment

As a nationally accredited art museum, the Greater Lafayette Museum provides a variety of education programs, classes, lecture series, workshops, and demonstrations for children and adults alike. The flagship education, outreach program of the Art Museum is ArtSmart: Indiana that reaches out to 4th grade classes throughout the State of Indiana. The endowment earnings will support the ongoing education programs.




Art Museum of Greater Lafayette Foundation Endowment

Governed by a separate board of directors, The Art Museum Foundation exists solely to provide financial support and assistance to the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette.


Bach Chorale Education and Outreach Fund

Established in 1999 to support and benefit the artistic performances, operations, and education programs of Bach Chorale.


Bach Chorale Operating Fund

Established in 1999 to support and benefit the artistic performances, operations, and education programs of Bach Chorale.


Bach Chorale Podium Fund

Established in 1999 to support and benefit the artistic performances, operations, and education programs of Bach Chorale.


Roger and Cathy Bauer Family Endowment

The Bauers established their endowment to continue the Lafayette Area Subway Annual Holiday Party that for 26 years has provided food and presents to local community youth during the holiday season.


George Balfe Scholarship Fund

In honor of George Hamilton Balfe, George Louis Balfe, and George Dan Balfe –
This fund, established by the late Opal Balfe, wife of George Louis Balfe, memorializes and honors three generations of Balfe’s, all graduates of Jefferson High School and Purdue University. The purpose of the fund is to provide scholarships to Jefferson graduates planning to seek a baccalaureate degree from Purdue University or an associate degree from Ivy Tech College.


Roger Blalock Scholarship Fund

The Purdue Black Alumni Organization established the scholarship in honor of Roger Blalock, a graduate of Purdue University who played varsity basketball and distinguished himself as a caring and effective athletic department administrator. The Fund supports young minority scholars attending Purdue University in hopes that they will seek the path of opportunity with the foundation of a college education from Purdue University.


Boardman Family Fund for Wabash Center

Wabash Center serves children and adults with disabilities and special needs, and one such family that benefitted from the services of Wabash Center was the Boardman Family for which the Fund was named. In honor of this Family, the Fund will help other clients with needed equipment/services that may not be covered by other means.


James H. and Sandra H. Bodenmiller Endowment

This fund was established by Jim and Sandy Bodenmiller to address the most pressing community needs.


Linda Bowman and Glenn Tompkins Children's Endowment

Having a deep concern for the needs of at risk children, Linda and Glenn established the fund to support not-for-profit organizations that provide programs and services that will help meet current needs.


Burnett Creek Elementary School Endowment

Mark R. and Deborah K. Holden have established an endowment fund to support Burnett Creek Elementary School. The Holden Family’s children have attended Tippecanoe School Corporation (TSC) schools and have been truly inspired by the staff. Thus, the motivator for establishing this fund is to provide professional development opportunities for the staff members with whom the students interact and to provide the school with supplemental funds to be used to support its educational mission.


CASA for Kids Fund

The CASA endowment was established in 2015 to support their mission to provide a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) to abused and neglected children in Tippecanoe County. CASA volunteers advocate for the best interest of the children in the courtroom.


Children’s Music Foundation Endowment

Gordon and Harriett Coppoc established the Children’s Music Foundation Endowment to honor the memory of Edward F. and Ida Leona Cone Kagay. The endowment benefits The Children's Music Foundation, a not-for-profit organization founded in 1995 that provides educators lessons, materials, and instruments to nurture the musical talent of children with financial needs.


Civic Theatre Endowment

Board of Directors of Civic Theatre established the endowment in 1999 with an estate gift to support ongoing operations that annually provide community performances and entertainment opportunities.


Samuel J. Cole and Pearl Mae Fritts Cole Scholarship Fund

The Scholarship is a living legacy to Samuel J. Cole and Pearl Mae Fritts, parents of the founding contributor Thomas A. Cole. The purpose of the scholarship is to support students who have attended high school in Saline County, Illinois.


Community Fund

Managed by the Board of Directors containing unrestricted gifts to The Foundation for which matching funds were received from the Lilly Endowment.

Cook Medical, Inc Endowment

This fund was established by Cook Medical to address the most pressing community needs.


Barbara I. Cook Endowment

While Purdue University brought Barbara Cook to town for a long career in student services, her commitments extended well beyond campus during her 57 years here. Through an estate gift, this endowment was established to support local needs in the community.


Barbara I. Cook Endowment for Food Finders Food Bank

One of Dr. Cook’s loves later in life was working in the St. John’s Food Panty. She saw firsthand people who did not have adequate food and shelter. Her way to address one of those issues was to provide part of her estate for an endowment for Food Finders Food Bank. Her legacy and generosity will carry through in perpetuity by helping those in need with a hand up.


Culver Academies Fund

The Culver Academies Fund was instituted in 2011 by Ned Derhammer. The endowment’s goal is to support students living in Tippecanoe County in Indiana who have a desire and need to attend Culver Military Academy in Culver, Indiana.


Samuel C. Curtis Scholarship Fund

Going to college can seem daunting when you’re the first person in your family to attend or you’re in the care of a foster family. While guidance counselors and friends provide support, there’s no experienced family member to help navigate through the often-confusing maze of demands ---tuition, scholarships, class schedules, dorms, and roommates. Yet, that first step toward higher education not only can set one person on a new path in life, it can blaze a trail for generations to come. Sam Curtis established a scholarship to do just that for Jefferson High School graduates desiring to go to Purdue University.


Shirley B. Curtis Fund

As an avid volunteer at the YWCA’s Women’s Shelter and a registered nurse, Shirley Curtis knew the importance of helping women and children as they sought out the services of the YWCA’s Domestic Violence Intervention Program. Before Shirley passed away in 2007, she established a legacy endowment to help provide non-prescription, pharmaceutical items and supplies to the women and children housed in the YWCA’s shelter.


Bill and Donna DeFouw Endowment

Founding contributors, the late Bill DeFouw, and his wife Donna established an advised endowment to support the good works of many local not-for-profit organizations, their church, and Purdue University. The DeFouws planned their advised endowment fund to include the participation of the next generation of family members.


George and Betty DeVault Fund

A fund for community beautification established by Lafayette Bancorporation to honor the DeVaults.


Charles B. Dieterle Randolph Township Fund

This fund was established in memory to Charles B. Dieterle to support Randolph Township. Grants from the fund have supported such organizations as The Randolph Township Fire Department and the American Red Cross.


Duncan Fund

Established by the Board of Directors of the Duncan Foundation, Inc.


Douglas W. Eberle Endowment

Established by The Foundation Board in memory of Doug Eberle, who served as The Foundation’s President and CEO from 2006 through 2009.

Education Fund for Tippecanoe County

A fund established to support programs identified in the 2005 CAPE (Community Alliance to Promote Education) grant proposal submitted by The Community Foundation to Lilly Endowment, Inc.


Warren N. Eggleston Fund

Established by the Board of Directors using assets distributed by the Warren N. Eggleston Charitable Trust.


Food Finders Food Bank Endowment

Since 1981, Food Finders Food Bank has been a critical component of the welfare of Tippecanoe and 15 surrounding counties in Indiana: providing food to member agencies, advocating for the hungry, and educating the public about hunger-related issues.


Louisa Lee France Endowment

A fund established by Joseph France in memory of his sister Lee to benefit organizations that provide music education to disadvantaged children.


Fund for Children's Needs

Established to provide support to agencies for children, this fund grew out of a community-wide effort led by The Community Foundation to bring attention to and provide support for organizations dealing with child neglect and abuse.


Mary Fuqua Endowment for Area IV Agency on Aging and Community Action Programs

For over 20 years, long time volunteer and board member Mary Fuqua passionately served Area IV. As a tribute to her legacy, Area IV established an endowment fund at The Foundation in 2008. The not-for-profit organization helps to improve the quality of life of residents who are elderly, as well as those of all ages who have a disability or are disadvantaged.


John and Kathy Gambs Endowment

Longtime community supporters, John and Kathy have been sensitive to community needs and have been actively involved with Tippecanoe County Parks and Recreation and CASA for Kids. Their interests and passions for these two organizations and other not for profits that make a difference in our community will be supported for years to come through the John and Kathy Gambs Endowment.


Gettings Family Endowment

As a young family, parents Bill and Gail Gettings started their advised endowment fund to demonstrate the value of giving over time and how it can grow. In the future their children will participate as advisors to the fund.


Eugene and Marilyn Glick Blue Ribbon Fund in Honor of Rachel E. Faust

Established by the Eugene and Marilyn Glick Foundation in honor of Mr. Glick’s grandmother, Rachel Faust Glick, and in celebration of the Glicks’50th wedding anniversary and the 50th anniversary of the Gene B. Glick Company.


John and Mary Ruth Graham Endowment for Riggs Community Health Clinic

In 2007 John and Mary Ruth established an endowment to benefit Riggs Community Health Clinic. The Clinic provides health care services which include pediatric, prenatal, dental and adult medical care to low income and uninsured residents of Tippecanoe County at reduced fees.


Greenbush Cemetery of Lafayette Endowment

This endowment was established to provide the community a way to support the Greenbush Cemetery.


Thomas Griffin Endowment for the 42nd Royal Highlanders

The 42nd Royal Highlanders Band of Music is America's premier 18th century band of pipes, fifes, and drums, and has performed for audiences across the country, from the New England coast to the Mississippi River, and from Wisconsin to Fort Ticonderoga in New York, Vermont, and south to Alabama. The endowment was created by a donation from the estate of Thomas Griffin's mother, Helen, in memory of her son, and will provide operating support to the programs of the 42nd Royal Highlanders.  


Max and Elsie Goken Endowment

Established by The Foundation Board to accept a bequest from Elsie Goken. The Gokens came to Lafayette in 1952 when Max joined The Lafayette Life Insurance Company where he later became CEO. Elsie was a life-long educator, first as a school teacher and later as an administrator.


Robert and Ellen Haan Museum of Indiana Art Endowment Fund

The Mansion was originally the State of Connecticut pavilion at the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair. It was designed and built to be moved after the World's Fair to Lafayette, Indiana, immediately after the Fair by Mr. and Mrs.William Potter and became their personal residence. There are only 15 known buildings surviving from the Fair, and the Haan Mansion is most true to its original design and purpose of the 13 buildings removed from the grounds. This fund was established to support the operations of the Museum.


Haan Family Endowment for the Haan Mansion Museum of Indiana Art Maintenance Fund

The Mansion was originally the State of Connecticut building at the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair. Immediately after the Fair, it was dismantled and moved to Lafayette, Indiana, by Mr. and Mrs. William Potter. Current residents Bob and Ellie Haan established the endowment to provide support for the upkeep, care, and maintenance of the Museum of Indiana Art.


Habitat for Humanity of Lafayette Endowment

Habitat for Humanity of Lafayette is a volunteer-driven organization dedicated to the elimination of poverty and substandard housing locally and worldwide. They build and renovate houses in partnership with families who qualify for homeownership based on need, willingness to partner with HFF and an ability to repay a no-interest mortgage.  The endowment will help to support the work of Habitat for Humanity of Lafayette, Inc. 


Miriam K. Epple-Heath Endowment for Wabash Center, Inc

Touched by the important services provided by Wabash Center, Inc., Miriam Epple-Heath established a designated endowment in 2009 to benefit the organization’s ongoing operations. Wabash Center serves the needs of children and adults with disabilities and special needs.


Winfield F. Hentschel Fund for The Community Foundation of Greater Lafayette

As a tribute to his life, The Community Foundation Board of Directors in 1993 established an endowment in memory of Win Hentschel’s community leadership and his contributions to the founding of The Community Foundation. The endowment was designated to help support the ongoing operations of The Community Foundation.


J. Frederick Hoffman Fund for Tippe Co Parks & Recreation Foundation

A Lafayette resident and attorney for more than 45 years, J. Frederick Hoffman enjoyed opera, history, ornithology, legal challenges and nature—a passion he shared with his wife, Patricia. Nature was their gift to the community. After Fred’s death, Patricia donated more than 100 acres of wooded land to the Tippecanoe County Parks and Recreation Foundation as a designated nature area. In addition, she created an endowment fund at The Community Foundation as a memorial to Fred, which supports the maintenance and upkeep of the park.


Historic Prophetstown Fund

Established in 2000, the endowment fund helps to support the operations of Historic Prophetstown. This working farm, which includes a Native American Settlement and a farmstead, is located on 250 acres in Battle Ground, Indiana. Valuable lessons can be learned as the farm is dedicated to showing, sharing, and teaching about agriculture and horse powered farming.


Home with Hope Endowment

The Home with Hope is a safe refuge for alcoholics and addicts throughout the state of Indiana who are ready and willing to change their lives for the better.


Steve and Pam Horne Endowment

This fund was established by Steve and Pam to address the most pressing community needs.


Robert and Dorothy Hughes Community Fund

Established by Joan Anne Hughes, this discretionary scholarship fund provides support for Tippecanoe County residents with financial need who plan to pursue a baccalaureate degree from an accredited nursing school.


Virginia B. Huth Endowment for Community Beautification

Beautification funding was very much in keeping with Virginia Huth’s passion during her lifetime. As an estate gift, her fund will support community-wide beautification projects.


Indiana Care Circle Fund

A fund established by professionals serving the community who share resources, educational opportunities, and problem solving for quality care through all stages of life and exists to provide resources and educational programs to enhance the continuum of care in Tippecanoe and surrounding counties.


Indiana University Health Arnett Foundation Endowment

IU Health Arnett Foundation established this fund in 2015. The endowment will support patients at IU Health and their families.


Tony Zamora Jazz Club Endowment

The Jazz Club established this fund to support high school students. This fund will foster the future of jazz.


Greg and Barb Kapp Endowment

This fund was established to address the most pressing community needs.


Erich Klinghammer Wolf Park Endowment

Wolf Park located outside of Battle Ground, is a nonprofit education and research facility established in 1972 by the late Dr. Erich Klinghammer. The endowment will help to continue the work of Dr. Klinghammer which was to focus on the social behavior of the captive pack, as well as foxes, coyotes and bison.


Jim and Nancy Klusman Community Endowment

Established by The Foundation Board in honor of Jim Klusman, who served as President and CEO starting in 1995 and retiring in 2006.

Charles and Nelda Kramer Endowment for Lafayette Family YMCA

In 1997 the Kramer’s established an endowment for the Lafayette Family YMCA to provide memberships and programs for the needy.


Kronos Family Endowment

Sensitive to everyday needs of the Greater Lafayette community, Jack and Leta Kelley established an advised endowment fund to help those needing support services from local human service organizations. Working with representatives from The Community Foundation, the Kelley’s identify community needs and programs that they want to benefit. Jack and Leta have recommended grants to organizations such as Civic Theatre, Crisis Center, Lafayette Urban Ministry, Friends of the Symphony, and many others.


Lafayette Adult Resource Academy Capital Fund

The Lafayette Adult Resource Academy opened a pass-through fund in 2003 to help support their capital needs. LARA is an adult basic-education literacy program that allows individuals to continue their education outside the K-12 school system. The program provides: basic, workplace, life, and family literacy skills, English as a Second Language and GED preparation.


Lafayette Chamber Singers, Inc Fund

The Lafayette Chamber Singers is a semiprofessional group that records and performs in Greater Lafayette and throughout central Indiana. The 16-member ensemble offers audiences music from a wide variety of traditions and a span of ten centuries, ranging from pieces long hidden in archives to unpublished contemporary works. The endowment was established in 2011 to help sustain the ensemble’s musical blend and stylish performances scheduled throughout the year.


Lafayette Citizens Band

Since 1842, The Lafayette Citizens Band has been a living part of Lafayette’s history throughout the growth and development of the city, yesterday and today, and promising to be here tomorrow. The Lafayette Citizens Band provides the community with free public concerts throughout the summer and gives local musicians a chance to play quality band music.


Lafayette Rotary Club Foundation

The Lafayette Rotary Club formed the Lafayette Rotary Club Foundation in 1970 to grant funds for charitable purposes in the Lafayette area. In 2011, the Lafayette Rotary Club Foundation Board established an endowment fund with The Community Foundation to continue funding major projects, scholarships, camperships, and adult vocational education.


Lafayette Savings Bank – John Purdue Benevolent Endowment

Marking the 140th Anniversary of Lafayette Savings, the Bank established the first corporate advised endowment fund with The Community Foundation. The intent of this fund is to support community needs that generally would not be supported by Lafayette Savings Bank’s corporate support program.


Lafayette Savings Bank Wabash River Enhancement Endowment

Lafayette Savings Bank established this endowment to commemorate the bank's 145th anniversary. The fund will provide support for sustainable economic and recreational development, and beautification along the Wabash River corridor.


Lafayette School Corporation Education Endowment

The purpose of the fund is to assist the Lafayette School Corporation to accomplish its vision of inspiring and empowering all children to hope, appreciate, dream, learn, and excel. Earnings from the fund are intended to provide extracurricular and curricular opportunities to public-school children who reside within the boundaries of the Lafayette School Corporation.


Lafayette Transitional Housing Fund

Lafayette Transitional Housing Center, Inc. is a non-profit organization which began in 1989 to develop housing, offer supportive services, and other opportunities to foster self-sufficiency for the homeless, particularly families with children, in our community. LTHC is comprised of four separate programs: The Homeless Services Program, Family Program, Singles Program and the Lincoln Center Supportive Housing Program. The goal of all of the programs is to help the homeless learn the needed skills, so they may be able to maintain employment and housing.


Lafayette-West Lafayette Urban Forestry Fund

A fund to provide support for urban forestry needs of Lafayette-West Lafayette and the surrounding urban areas of Tippecanoe County.


Leadership Lafayette Christy Smith Endowment

Since 1982 through the Community Leadership Program, Leadership Lafayette has prepared individuals to become active in volunteer service and community leadership. This agency endowment supports the ongoing operations of the not-for-profit organization.


Warren N. Eggleston Legal Aid Endowment

Started with an estate gift, Legal Aid created an endowment fund at The Community Foundation in 1997. Legal Aid Corporation of Tippecanoe County provides low-cost, professional legal assistance to low-income residents of Tippecanoe County in civil matters relating to landlord-tenant problems, contracts, consumer problems, support, child custody, marriage dissolution, adoptions and guardianships in the County.


Lehman Family Endowment

Gary and Michele Lehman formed an advised endowment fund to support the many services and programs offered by local not-for-profit organizations. They have involved the next generation of Lehmans as successor advisors so they will understand the needs in the Greater Lafayette community and become involved in philanthropy practices.


Diana Sue Leslie Endowment

Kind, loving, passionate about faith and family, Diana Sue Leslie packed a lot of living into 57 years. To honor her life and her memory, husband Jim Leslie, established a legacy endowment in Sue’s name. Grants from her fund will be used to do what she had hoped to do in her later years—help others. This endowment fund will continue her giving ways.


Joseph and Anne Lift Endowment

Because of their concern for children lacking extra-curricular opportunities, Joseph and Anne designated the purpose of their endowment fund to support public school activities such as field trips, concerts, and outings not ordinarily funded through public tax dollars. In addition, the Lifts designated the Riggs Community Health Clinic dentistry program as a secondary beneficiary of the endowment fund.


Lilly Endowment, Inc. Fund

Established by the Board of Directors using assets received by The Foundation as part of its Lilly Endowment Matching Grants programs.


Long Center Fund

Virgil St. John established the endowment in 2000 to help support the ongoing operations of The Long Center for the Performing Arts. It is a 1,190-seat venue owned by the City of Lafayette and managed by the Board of Directors of the not-for-profit Long Center, Inc. Originally constructed in 1921 as the Mars Theater, the Long Center has played host to many famous performers including Al Jolson, Rudy Keeler, Bob Hope, The Marx Brothers, Ethel Merman, and Will Rogers. Located in the heart of beautiful and historic downtown Lafayette, the Long Center hosts a wide variety of concerts, theater productions, and children's events.


William H. and Susan C. Long Community Fund

As a builder, Bill Long knew well the importance of a solid foundation. What’s true for construction, he believed, is also true when it comes to funding community programs and instilling values in his sons. Before his death in 1996, he and his wife established the William H. and Susan C. Long Community Endowment Fund, an advised fund that gives the family a continuing roll in recommending grants.


Hearing Loops and Assistive Hearing Technology Endowment

Mary Caccavo and Tom Kent established this endowment to assist nonprofits with matching grants to purchase hearing loop systems.


John K. and Prella P. McBride Endowment Fund for Art Museum of Greater Lafayette

Cultural art enthusiasts and supporters, John and Prella established the McBride Fund to support the good works of the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette.


John K. and Prella P. McBride Endowment Fund for Lafayette Symphony

Cultural art enthusiasts and supporters, John and Prella established the McBride Fund to support the good works of the Lafayette Symphony Orchestra.


Esther L. McConnaughay Endowment Fund for Cancer Research and the Care and Treatment of Cancer Patients

A fund to provide support for the treatment of people afflicted with cancer, cancer research, equipment for the detection and/or care and treatment of cancer, and the advancement of cancer programs; not for the construction of buildings or other physical facilities.


David and Anita McGaughey Endowment

This fund was established by David and Anita to address the most pressing community needs.


Dr. and Mrs. Richard C. McPherson String Instrument Scholarship Fund... Honor of Their Children Gregg A. McPherson and Kimberly McPherson Vratil, for Lafayette Symphony Orchestra

Because the McPhersons believe music to be an integral part of our community’s cultural life, they established the endowment for the Lafayette Symphony to award scholarships that encourage and stimulate proficiency in playing string instruments. The scholarships are awarded to students in grades 7 through 12 in Tippecanoe County and the seven adjacent counties.


Shirley and Mick McTague Scholarship

The endowment honors Shirley and Mick McTague and their lifelong passion for supporting the Greater Lafayette community and Purdue University’s College of Engineering.  The scholarship will fund students enrolled and accepted at Purdue University’s College of Engineering making satisfactory progress toward a Bachelor of Science degree.


Elizabeth Mackay Endowment

Established by The Foundation Board to accept a bequest from Elizabeth Mackay. As a University professor she spent more than half her life away from Lafayette, but she turned toward home with her final gift.


Sonya L. and Dale W. Margerum Endowment

As community members since 1954, the Margerums have made a significant impact on Greater Lafayette.  Sonya served 24 years as mayor of West Lafayette and Dale is Purdue University’s Harvey Washington Wiley Distinguished Professor of Inorganic, Analytical and Environmental Chemistry. Now retired, both are active community volunteers.  

John and Marjorie Martin Endowment for Health and Human Services

The Martin’s who give quietly, have a mission to help those less fortunate. The Fund will support not-for-profit organizations that provide basic human service needs such as housing, food, and health services.

The Martin Family Endowment

This fund was established by John and Marjorie Martin to address the most pressing community needs.


Matthew 25 Endowment Fund

Founded in 2007 by donors who wanted to remain anonymous, The Community Foundation helped to structure an endowment fund that would help them to annually support charitable causes important to them. The Matthew 25 Endowment focuses on disaster relief, emergency shelter, family self-sufficiency, health, and other human services.


Mental Health America of Tippecanoe County, Inc. Endowment

The MHA Board of Directors established the endowment in 2012 to support its mission: to achieve better mental health in Tippecanoe County. The earnings from the endowment will help fund mentoring programs, support groups, supportive housing, and the MHA Day Shelter.


Mental Health America of Tippecanoe County for Crisis Intervention Endowment

Established in 2007, the endowment helps to support the on-going operations of the Crisis Center, which provides 24 hour crisis intervention, suicide prevention, rape survivor advocacy, and information and referral, 24/7.  Crisis Center


Robert F. Mertz Endowment for Tippecanoe County Historical Association Foundation

Robert Mertz was a lifelong resident of our community. Through an estate gift, this endowment was established to support the Tippecanoe County Historical Association Foundation. 


Mick and Deb Mikels Family Endowment

This fund was established by Deb to address the most pressing community needs.


Debra St. John Mishler Fund for Lafayette Symphony Orchestra Foundation

In honor of their daughter Debra St. John Mishler, Virgil and Ruth St. John set up the Fund to endow the Lafayette Symphony Orchestra bass clarinet chair.


Mr. and Mrs. William F. Moeller Fund for St. James Lutheran Foundation

Charlotte M. Stitz established the endowment fund in 1999 to honor her parents Mr. and Mrs. William F. Moeller. This fund supports the St. James Lutheran Foundation in Lafayette.


Betty M. Nelson Community Endowment

Established by The Foundation Board in honor of Betty Nelson’s work with The Community Foundation. Betty is Purdue University’s Dean of Students Emerita and serves on many not-for-profit boards in Greater Lafayette, including two separate terms on The Community Foundation’s board of directors.


Betty M. Nelson Endowment for Literacy

Betty Nelson knows the importance of literacy. This endowment was created to support literacy for years to come.

Mariellen and Gerry Neudeck Endowment

This fund was established by Mariellen to address the most pressing community needs.


New Community School Fund

Founded in 1993, NCS works to transform children’s lives through academic accomplishment, and the development of powerful discovery practices and social responsibility. As a public charter school through Ball State University, it strives to create a three-way partnership among students, parents, and teachers. 


NICHES Endowment

Established in 2005 by long time supporter Ted Harris, the fund supports Northern Indiana Citizens Helping Ecosystems Survive. This land trust organization works cooperatively with land owners, other nonprofit organizations and government agencies, actively seeking to protect a broad array of natural areas ranging from small green spaces to pristine nature preserves of high biological integrity. NICHES serves Benton, Carroll, Cass, Clinton, Fountain, Howard, Jasper, Montgomery, Pulaski, Newton, Tippecanoe, Warren, and White Counties.


Olson Fund

Edgar and Hedy Olson embraced community with a quiet generosity, but left a path for their children to follow in their footsteps. In 1992 Edgar established the first endowment, The Olson Fund. Then in 2006, Hedy set up the Olson Community Endowment Fund. She designated her children as fund advisors and her grandchildren as successor advisors to carry on the Olson legacy of philanthropy.


Olson Community Endowment

Edgar and Hedy Olson embraced community with a quiet generosity. In 2006, Hedy set up the Olson Community Endowment Fund. She designated her children as fund advisors and her grandchildren as successor advisors to carry on the Olson legacy of philanthropy.


Edgar B. Olson Endowment for the Long Center

After Ed Olson’s death in 1998, his wife Hedy Olson honored him by establishing an endowment fund in his memory that today benefits the Long Center.


Kathryn E. Olson Endowment

This fund was established by Rick Olson to address the most pressing community needs.


Omega Columbarium Fund

The endowment fund established in 1994 benefits First United Methodist Church located in West Lafayette.


Richard C. and Helen M. Overmyer Endowment for First Christian Church of Francesville, IN

The Fund was set up by Richard and Helen Overmyer in 1995 for the maintenance and operational upkeep of the church’s physical facilities.


The Parent Family Endowment

This fund was established by Tom and Deb Parent to address the most pressing community needs.


Harlan W. and Dorothy W. Parr Scholarship Fund

The Scholarship, established in 1996 by Dorothy Parr, has helped a number of students from Newton County to pursue degrees in agriculture at Purdue University. Her three children continue to actively participate in making recommendations of worthy students desiring to obtain a baccalaureate degree in agriculture.


Roland G. Parrish Black Cultural Center Scholarship Fund

A college scholarship, self-discipline and determination brought Roland Parrish hard-earned success. Being a Purdue graduate and franchise owner of 25 McDonalds in Texas, this entrepreneur hopes to aid and motivate students who are academically talented and have financial need. “If there’s a bump in the road, these can help,” says Roland of his scholarship fund.


Louis Pearlman, Jr. Fund for Lafayette Symphony Orchestra

Louis and Sandy Pearlman both have a passion for community and philanthropy. When Louis died, giving to the community was an obvious way for Sandy to honor Louis’ legacy. She established the Louis Pearlman, Jr., Fund to endow a chair in his name at the Lafayette Symphony Orchestra.


Pookie and Gracie Dog Rescue Fund

Because Jim Klatch believes dogs are man’s best friend, improving the lives of abused and neglected dogs is a mission he promotes through his charity. The Fund will support organizations that will help and care for dogs that have suffered abuse and neglect.


Presidential Leadership Scholarship in Honor of Tarrus Richardson

The Presidential Leadership Scholarship Endowment Fund honoring Tarrus Richardson was instituted in 2009 by the Purdue Black Alumni Organization (PBAO). As a past president of the PBAO, Tarrus has a strong desire to create opportunities for high potential students. As a successful entrepreneur, he understands the importance of leadership qualities. The endowment’s goal is to provide support to incoming freshmen at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. Candidates qualifying for the scholarship are African-American students exemplifying potential presidential leadership qualities.


Price Family Scholarship in Memory of Thomas M. Price

The family of Thomas M. Price chose to honor Tom Price’s memory with an annual scholarship honoring his legacy and his passion of youth and team sport. Tom saw the importance of team sports in young lives and he viewed swimming as a character building sport. He believed in the values of perseverance, hard work, self-discipline and teamwork. Because of his son Bill’s involvement on swim teams and a desire to maximize the opportunities available to local talented swimmers, Tom, along with other passionate supporters, established Boilermaker Aquatics. This newly formed swim club, affiliated with Purdue University, unified the local clubs into one team and attracted a strong coaching staff. Boilermaker Aquatics has and continues to produce outstanding swimmers at the high school, collegiate and national level. The Price Family Scholarship is awarded to graduates who attend high schools in Tippecanoe County, participate in Boilermaker Aquatics, and exemplify citizenship through leadership roles.


Thomas M. Price Family Endowment

This fund was established by Sue Holder Price to address the most pressing community needs.


George and Nerlene Ramsey Endowment

This fund was established by George and Nerlene to address the most pressing community needs.


Dr. Wendell A. and Eleanor C. Riggs Endowment for Riggs Community Health Center

Through an estate gift, Dr. Riggs will continue to support his passions for years to come.


Right Steps Child Care Endowment

Right Steps Child Development Centers provides and advocates for quality child care and early education.


Risk Family Endowment for Junior Achievement

The Risk Family established the endowment in 2001 to support the good works of Junior Achievement. The not-for-profit organization provides in-school, economic education to nearly 5,000 students in grades two through twelve in Tippecanoe and Benton Counties.


Kirby and Carolyn Risk Endowment

Leadership Lafayette, Tippecanoe County Historical Association, and Art Museum of Greater Lafayette – Kirby and Carolyn Risk quietly helped the Greater Lafayette community through their volunteer efforts and philanthropy. These three organizations annually benefit from the endowment fund that was established in 1996.


Richard and Violet Road Endowment

Established by the Board in memory of Richard and Violet Road, this discretionary endowment fund was established through a bequest from the Roads.


Marianne and Larry Rose Endowment

This fund was established by Marianne and Larry to address the most pressing community needs.


Betty Rowe Endowment

To mark her 80th birthday and pay tribute to their mother, Betty Rowe’s children established an advised endowment fund intended to support her passion  to help single, young mothers with children, especially those enrolled in the Head Start program.


Charlie Shook Endowment

This fund was established by Charlie to address the most pressing community needs.


Sidney "Sarge" and Jo Sargent Endowment for Tippecanoe Arts Federation

The Sargents’ legacy will live through their thoughtful and generous bequest that supports Tippecanoe Arts Federation’s major fundraiser Taste of Tippecanoe. Each year the earnings from this endowment help to promote and bring awareness to this regional community event.


Mickey Shook Memorial Fund for Art Museum of Greater Lafayette

Jim Shook, Sr. established an endowment in memory of his wife Mickey Shook in 1999. Because Mickey was passionate about the arts and a long-time supporter of the Art Museum, Jim designated the fund to benefit the Art Museum for art acquisition and for the care and maintenance of the collection.


Kendall S. and Mary Carson Smith Fund

A fund established to receive gifts in memory of Kendall S. Smith, and remainder interest of the Kendall S. and Mary Carson Smith Charitable Remainder Trust.


David Smyser Scholarship Fund

Karen Wlodarski, David Smyser’s stepmother, established the scholarship in memory of his all-too-short life and to recognize his many athletic achievements during his years at Jefferson High School. David was a former Jeff basketball star, and he also held the school’s high jump record in track for many years. Unfortunately, he lost his battle with heart disease at age 43, as did his father, Duke Smyser, just eleven months prior. David’s siblings, Tag Smyser, and Laura Buit, work with the Jefferson High School Scholarship Committee to recommend candidates for this legacy scholarship fund.


Sons of Abraham Congregation Cemetery Endowment

The endowment supports the maintenance and operation of the Sons of Abraham Congregation Cemetery.


Mary Jo and Tom Sparrow Endowment

A fund established by Mary Jo and Tom Sparrow, both local educators born of educators. Mary Jo spent 24 years with Greater Lafayette Area Special Services, educating children with special needs.  Tom taught 28 years at Purdue University with a joint appointment in industrial engineering and economics.  Both are retired and continue to make their home in West Lafayette.

Spring Vale Cemetery Endowment Fund

Established in 1868, a year before Purdue University was founded, the cemetery is the burial site for more than 11,000 people. In 1941, Spring Vale became a public, not-for-profit charitable organization. The endowment will help with the upkeep in perpetuity.


STAT Endowment

This fund was established by Tom and Suzy Newett to address the most pressing community needs.


Arlan and Sharon Stavnheim Endowment

After many years of establishing and supporting other Community Foundation endowments like Tree Lafayette, Greenbush Cemetery, and Lafayette Urban Forestry, Arlan and Sharon established their own donor-advised fund that provides them the opportunity to participate in community grantmaking for other not-for-profit organizations that do good works.


Stefaniak Family Clarinet Endowment Fund for Lafayette Symphony Orchestra

Dr. Jerome J. Stefaniak established this fund in 1996 to support the principle clarinet chair of the Lafayette Symphony Orchestra.


Stefaniak Family Flute Endowment Fund for Lafayette Symphony Orchestra

Dr. Jerome J. Stefaniak established this fund in 1996 to support the principle flute chair of the Lafayette Symphony Orchestra.


Stein Family Fund

The Stein Family philanthropy has long supported community organizations, activities, programs and events. Their generosity will live on in perpetuity through the Stein Family Fund that will support charitable, religious and educational organizations.


Betty M. Suddarth Scholarship Endowment

Betty Suddarth, a long-time volunteer with The Community Foundation scholarship committee, knows the importance of acknowledging young talent and intellect, and the desire to pursue a baccalaureate degree at a college or university in the State of Indiana. Established in 2007, the scholarship is awarded to graduates of Harrison High School.


Suicide Prevention Fund

Established by the family of Matt Zika, this fund will provide resources for youth workers to help them in counseling youth who are suicide risks. The family encourages others who are passionate about preventing suicide to contribute to this fund. As the fund and its granting capacity grow, the additional resources will help youth workers reach more at-risk children and young adults.


Burr and Anne Louise Swezey Fund

Established by Burr Swezey Jr. and Anne Louise Swezey in 1996; Burr was born in Lafayette and loved the community; the couple’s many contributions to Greater Lafayette have made a profound difference in scores of community and statewide efforts.


Taylor Family Endowment

Marjorie Poor Taylor, who was a lifelong resident of Lafayette and helped such organizations as Group Homes for Children and Cary Home, established the Taylor Family Endowment fund to support community needs. Today Marjorie’s daughters continue her community legacy as fund advisors making annual grant recommendations.


Tippecanoe Arts Federation

The Board of Directors set up an agency endowment in 2007 to support the on-going operations of the Tippecanoe Arts Federation. TAF is the umbrella organization and arts council for fourteen counties providing educational opportunities in the visual, performing, and literary arts. It also provides outreach programs for both underserved communities and at-risk youth, and funding for capital and operational expenses to fellow arts organizations region-wide.


Tippecanoe Arts Federation Endowment in Memory of Suzie Coles

As a legacy to Suzie Coles, a long-time volunteer and past executive director of TAF, the Board of Directors, friends, and family honored her memory and many contributions to the arts by setting up an endowment fund, which supports and fosters the development of arts photographers.


Tippecanoe Chamber Music Society, Inc Endowment

Dedicated to promoting the performance and appreciation of chamber music in the Lafayette-West Lafayette community, the TCMS Board of Directors partnered with The Community Foundation in 2007 to set up an endowment fund that would continue to enrich the Greater Lafayette community through chamber music.


Tippecanoe County Council on Aging Endowment

The Council on Aging offers programs and services that enable older adults 60 years of age and older to live independently. In addition the organization operates a Senior Center that provides older adults with social, educational and recreational activities along with health information and referral services, lending library, and a computer center.


Tippecanoe County Historical Association Endowment

TCHA is a non-profit organization dedicated to collecting and preserving information and artifacts relating to the history and culture of Tippecanoe County, Indiana, and its citizens. The organization manages three properties: Tippecanoe Battlefield, Ft. Ouiatenon Blockhouse, and Frank Arganbright Genealogy and Research Center. The endowment fund supports the on-going operations of the Historical Association.


Tippecanoe County Parks and Recreation Foundation Endowment

In 2000 the Tippecanoe County Parks and Recreation Foundation Board established an endowment fund for the purpose of acquisition and maintenance of real and personal property so as to provide facilities and programs for parks and recreation in the Tippecanoe County Department of Parks and Recreation.


Tippecanoe County Public Library Endowment

Since 1882, the Tippecanoe County Public Library has been the community’s leader in encouraging and promoting reading, literacy, and lifelong learning. In 1998, the Tippecanoe County Public Library established the endowment fund at The Community Foundation to support the ongoing operational activities of the organization.


Tippecanoe Imagination Library

Established by an anonymous donor who believes in the importance of books at an early age, this fund supports the Imagination Library program administered through Right Steps Child Development Centers. Children under the age of 5 can receive a book monthly. There is also a matching opportunity for contributions made to this fund.

Tippy Connect Young Professionals Endowment

Tippy Connect hosts professional development, networking, and community service events throughout the year for young professionals.


Larry J. Tompkins Memorial Fund

Bette Tompkins established a legacy endowment in memory of her husband Larry Tompkins who worked in the agriculture industry. As the advisor to the fund, Bette is interested in supporting agricultural education.


Katie Traynor, RN Scholarship

After Katie’s tragic death in a boating accident in the fall of 2010, the Traynor family established a legacy scholarship to honor Katie’s passion – caring for others through nursing. Katie will be remembered not only for her enthusiasm and love of nursing, but she also will be remembered by students enrolled in the School of Nursing at Purdue University who chose their life’s work and passion to care for the sick and injured.


Tree Lafayette Endowment

Tree Lafayette serves our community by providing the leadership and inspiration to engage the community in the activity of planting trees. It is a source of knowledge and information regarding the value that trees provide to the urban setting and it is committed to urban beautification, a healthy environment, and a sustainable quality of life that the urban forest provides.


Lyn Treece Boys and Girls Club Fund

Since 1994, the earnings from the Lyn Treece Boys and Girls Club Endowment Fund have helped to support the ongoing operations at its two clubs located on North 10th Street and Beck Lane, Lafayette. Through its many activities, and services, the Boys and Girls Clubs offer youth a safe place to learn and grow, ongoing relationships with caring, adult professionals, life-enhancing programs and character development experiences, and hope and opportunity.


Unitarian Universalist Church Funds

The earnings from this endowment supports the works of The Unitarian Universalist Church. As a nurturing religious community, it celebrates diverse beliefs and encourages spiritual growth through lifelong learning, and is guided by Unitarian Universalist Principles, which include supporting one another through lifes' journeys and working towards social justice in the local and world communities.

Other funds supporting the work of Unitarian Universalist Church include:

  • Unitarian Universalist Church Kay Asher Religious Education Endowment Fund

  • Unitarian Universalist Church Building Endowment Fund

  • Unitarian Universalist Church Harvey-Ferris Social Justice Endowment Fund



United Way Endowment Fund

In 1993 United Way established an endowment to support its vision for years into the future: add value to the Greater Lafayette community by enabling people to help one another. United Way will provide leadership in defining community needs and in coordinating resources to address community issues.


Dr. Harry M. Von Tobel Endowment for Long Center

Harry P. Von Tobel, and his wife Rita, and daughter Anita endowed the Von Tobel Fund to benefit Long Center for the Performing Arts in 2000.


JoAnn P. Vorst Endowment

During all the years of JoAnn’s working life, her passion for adult basic education literacy will be carried on through her donor advised endowment fund. As the past executive director of Lafayette Adult Resource Academy JoAnn knows only too well the needs of individuals who have goals and aspirations to continue their education outside of the K-12 school system.


Wallace Triangle Endowment

During his later years, Samuel C. Curtis became the gardener and caretaker of the island located within Wallace Triangle Neighborhood and at the corner of South Eleventh, Elliott, and East State Streets. He set up a trust to beautify and maintain the small flower garden. After his death, the successor trustee transferred the trust assets to The Community Foundation. Today, the endowment earnings support neighborly efforts to nurture and maintain the beauty of this small garden and sculpture known as Curtis Triangle.


Sally Watlington Community Endowment

Established by The Foundation Board in honor of Sally Watlington’s work with The Community Foundation. Sally came to Purdue in 1956. Upon graduation, she entered the U.S. Navy and spent 23 1/2 years serving our country. Upon retirement from the Navy, she made Lafayette her home and volunteering became her passion. Sally is retired from her post as board chair for the Riggs Community Health Center and is a former board member of The Community Foundation. She continues to serve the Riggs Center and many other area not-for-profit organizations.


West Lafayette High School Golden Scholarship Endowment

As a gift of appreciation, the West Lafayette High School Class of 1947 established in 1998 the Golden Scholarship Fund to provide scholarships to graduating seniors pursuing post high school education at an Indiana educational institution.


West Lafayette Public Library Endowment

The West Lafayette Public Library strives to be the community's center for lifelong learning, the collector of West Lafayette's written and audio-visual heritage, and the gateway to resources within and beyond the library's walls. The endowment was established in 2009 by the Board of Trustees to provide ongoing support of the Library’s operations.


Bob & Marilyn Whitsel Endowment Fund

A fund set up by the Board of Directors in memory of Bob Whitsel and in honor of Marilyn Whitsel. Upon Bob’s retirement as CEO with The Lafayette Life Insurance Company, Bob and Marilyn established the fund from Bob’s retirement account. Bob devoted much time and effort to The Community Foundation and many other area organizations and Marilyn continues to be active in the community.


Robert and Marilyn Whitsel Scholarship Fund

Due to the 2011 corporate merger involving the firm, The Lafayette Life Insurance Company established the Robert and Marilyn Whitsel Scholarship Fund with the assets from the firm’s Robert M. Whitsel Scholarship Program to honor the legacy of Robert M. Whitsel and The Lafayette Life Insurance Company’s support of the Greater Lafayette community.


Jacob E. and Mary Ann Wiebers Scholarship Fund

The Wiebers know the importance of education and believe every young person needs the opportunity to have a higher education. The scholarship supports graduates from Faith Baptist High School desiring to pursue a degree from a college or university of their choice.


Willowstone Endowment

Willowstone Family Services, formerly known as Family Services, Inc., is a private non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening families and individuals of all ages and income levels to improve quality of life. Services include: Healthy Families and Baby TALK, The Center for Counseling, Employee Assistance Program, Insight: Program for Youth, and Homecare Services. They have been serving our community since 1964.


Richard D. Wood Scholarship Fund

Tippecanoe School Corporation (TSC) established this fund in honor of Richard D. Wood, retired superintendent. This fund provides scholarship awards to a member(s) of the TSC certified staff who is (are) actively seeking an administrator's license in the state of Indiana and is (are) enrolled in an accredited program. 


Susan and Kingsley Wu Charitable Endowment

The legacy of Susan and Kingsley will live through their thoughtful and generous bequest that supports Civic Theatre, Lafayette Symphony Orchestra, and the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette. Because of their generosity, each year these organizations will receive grants from the Susan and Kingsley Wu Charitable Endowment…gifts forever. 


YMCA Camp Tecumseh Endowment

Originally established with bequest funds, the earnings from the Camp Tecumseh Endowment provide camp scholarships to children from ages 5 to 15 so that they may grow in their personal confidence and learn to get along with people from different backgrounds.


Jack and Leta Kelley Endowment

This fund was established by Jack and Leta Kelley to address the most pressing community needs.


Phyllis Boehning Endowment

Phyllis Boehning's passion for service will continue through this endowment, established by her husband, Richard Boehning.


Olson Heritage Endowment

Rick Olson carries on the Olson tradition of family philanthropy as demonstrated by Rick’s parents Edgar and Hedy. In the future, Rick’s daughter will participate as an advisor to the fund. 

Michael and Carolyn Gery Family Endowment

This fund was established by Mike and Carolyn Gery to address the most pressing community needs.


Truitt Family West Lafayette High School Athletic Leadership Scholarship Endowment

The Truitt family established this scholarship for West Lafayette High School students that excel in athletic and sports leadership. 

National Alliance on Mental Illness of West Central Indiana (NAMI-WCI) Endowment

NAMI West Central Indiana advocates for support, effective treatment and education for individuals and families affected by mental illness in our community. The endowment was established in 2016 to provide ongoing support for NAMI.